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Francisco Athletics

Track Information

Please check the Track page for schedule and information.

Athletics at Francisco Middle School

Francisco Middle School competes in the San Francisco Unified School District Academic Athletic Association Middle School Division throughout the school year. All teams play an average of eight games/meets per season. We encourage all students to try out for a team. At the end of the year Francisco Middle School Physical Education Department puts on an Athletic Awards Banquet to honor all students who have competed on an after school team.

  • All students must have a 2.0 Grade Point Average. (AAA rule)
  • All students must have a physical examination by a Doctor. (AAA rule)
  • All students must have satisfactory citizenship. (2 or more U’s on a six week report card not eligible) Francisco Middle School Rule
  • Participation in a school sports program is a privilege, not a right.
  • It is up to the Principal and Athletic Director to remove a student whose behavior is not appropriate (Francisco Middle School Rule)

The physical education teachers will let students know when it is time to try out for each sport. Students MUST have a physical in order to try out. All team uniforms are provided by the school, to be returned at the end of each season. If students lose a uniform, they are expected to pay for its replacement. Practices are usually every day after school until sometimes 5:30. Individual coaches will let parents know the time and place of practices and games. They are dismissed when the games and practices are over and must have their own way of getting home.

If you would like further information on our after school sports program, please contact Ahtletic Director Danielle Anderson at 415-291-7900 or

Fall: Boys Soccer, Boys Baseball, Girls Softball 

Winter: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball,Girls Soccer

Spring: Girls Volleyball, Track for all students 

Required Forms

Every student must have parental consent and a physical from a healthcare professional before trying out or participating in any sport. If you need help fulfilling this requirement, contact Athletic Director Danielle Anderson (415-291-7900).


The physical is a 6-page form: healthcare exam, health history, parent consent, concussion information, steroid policy, sudden cardiac information.  All forms must have signatures and dates, and are good for one year from the date of the exam. 

Pre-Participation Physical (heathcare exam and health history)       
Parental Consent English Spanish Chinese
Anti-Steroid Agreement English Spanish Chinese
Concussion Information English Spanish Chinese
Sudden Cardiac Information English Spanish Chinese


Transportation To/From Games and Meets

Parents/Guardians: Please check the game schedules. For some of the games we have charter buses that take the athletes one way or round trip. For other games the athletes take Muni as a group to and from the games.  Please make arrangements to pick up your child if they are not taking Muni home. 

Our Coaches

Baseball: Patrick Whelly

Softball: Jack Jung

Girls Basketball: Jack Jung

Boys Basketball: Dan Smith

Boys Soccer: Tony Catalini

Girls Soccer: Tony Catalini

Volleyball: Jack Jung

Track: Jack Jung, Joshua Jung