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Mr. Patrick Whelly

Softball Mr. Jack Jung
Mr. Jack Jung

Mr. Dan Smith

Boys Soccer

Mr. Tony Catalini

Girls Soccer Mr. Tony Catalini
Volleyball Mr. Jack Jung

Mr. Jack Jung



Francisco Athletics

Girls Softball Team

Our Francisco Middle School Girls Softball Team is undefeated! Great Job Girls! Keep it going! Come out and watch a game!

Boys Baseball Team

Congratulations to the Boys Baseball Team. They have won their last two games. Come and cheer them on if you can!


Congratulations to the boys soccer team. They won their game today against Carmichael 4-1.


Congratulations to the boys baseball team. They won their game today against Willie Brown 8-7. Another close game!

Boys Basketball Tryouts begin on Monday September 18th!

Boys Basketball Try-outs

Monday September 18th

3:30pm Francisco Gym


You must have a physical before you can try out.


You will need a physical to try out for basketball. Get it as soon as possible and hand it in to Mrs. Anderson. If you need help getting a physical talk to Mrs. Anderson. Just a reminder you need a 2.0 GPA and great citizenship to play sports!

Girls Softball Team

Congratulations to the girls softball team for winning their first game against James Denman. We had lots of fans in the stands, which included 6 members of the Ale family. They are alumni from Francisco and now of their daughters/niece is on the team. 


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Procedures for transportation to games and practices.

To: Parents/Guardians of

Boys Soccer/Boys Baseball Team Players

I wanted to let all of you know that you should have received a schedule for the soccer/baseball season. On the schedule it is noted when we have a charter bus to take the athletes to the games. If there is no charter bus, than the students take the muni to and from the games. We do not have bus trips for all the games. We try to divide them among the 8 teams that we field throughout the year. We also do not have an adult that can take them on muni. The athletes can get a bus pass from us if they don’t have a clipper card to use.  They should ask the coach for a pass. The coach will tell them which bus to take and how to get to the games. The athletes are also expected to take muni home, unless you are picking them up. Please make arrangements with your child if you are picking them up from the fields. The locations of the fields are  on the schedules. The soccer games are over by 4:45pm. The baseball games are over at 5:30pm. I will be supervising all home games for soccer and baseball.  The soccer team practices at North Beach/Joe DiMaggio playground right after school on days when there are no games. The boys usually go up there with Mr. Catalini, but again need to get home on their own from the playground. The Baseball team practices at Moscone and they also need to take muni to get to practice. They are also on their own to get home from Moscone. Please make a plan with your child on travel arrangements to get home from practices and games.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Mrs. Anderson; Francisco Athletic Director


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Transportation to games and home from games.

Parents/Guardians: Please check the schedules. For some of the games we have charter buses that take the athletes one way or round trip. For other games the athletes have to take muni to the games and home from the games.  Please make arrangements to pick up your child if they are not taking muni home. 


Physicals are good for one year from the date of the exam!


All students participating in a SFUSD Academic Athletic Association sport must have parent consent and physical exam forms on file with Mrs. Anderson before a student can try out and participate on a team. This is a school district rule -- no exceptions. The physical is 6 pages long. The two-page physical evaluation has an examination form that the doctor fills out and a history form that the parent/guardian fills out. The third page is a parent consent form. The parent consent form must be filled out for each sport played. Please do not add more than one sport to the parent consent form. The fourth page is a concussion form. The fifth is a steroid policy. The last page is a sudden cardiac information form. Please make sure all forms have the correct signatures and are dated. If they are not filled out correctly, they will be returned to you. Your child will not be able to participate until all forms are completed correctly. You can view and download the forms by clicking the links below. 

Thank you.

Pre-Participation Physical
Parental Consent
Parent Consent (Chinese)

Parent Consent (Spanish)
Anti-Steroid Agreement
Anti-Steroid Agreement (Chinese)
Anti-Steroid Agreement (Spanish)
Concussion Information Sheet
Concussion Information Sheet (Chinese)

Concussion Information Sheet (Spanish)
Sudden Cardiac Information Sheet
Sudden Cardiac Information Sheet (Spanish)


Athletic Forms

Francisco Academic Athletic Association

Athletic Director - Mrs. Anderson

If you would like more information on our AAA sports here at Francisco, please contact Mrs. Anderson.